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Rethink the way we
live, work and play!

We are passionate to challenge the status quo of how people live, work, play and govern by developing “fully blockchain empowered decentralized off-grid eco wellness communities”, that enables people to thrive, prosper and reach their highest potential, while being surrounded by like-minded people that live an active, free and healthy lifestyle, in harmony with nature.

It is our mission to develop destinations that are fully self-sustainable during challenging times, with on-site renewable energy, drinking water and organic food production.

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Prepare for decentralized
off-grid living

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Eco Wellness Living

AWAKE Eco Wellness Living (AWAKE) encompasses a 1,250-hectare (3,088 acres) destination development, perfectly situated at the most stunning region of the Caribbean Coast of Panama, with more than 3 kilometers (2 miles) of palm fringed beachfront and home to 4,150 wellness properties surrounded by lush virgin rainforest.

With the AWAKE development we aim to create an icon for innovation, freedom and sustainability achievements and an important precedent for other communities around the world. The community welcomes people that are “awake” and understand that we are standing at a crossroads for humanity and nature.

AWAKE provides numerous co-investing, co-working and co-living opportunities.
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The AWAKE master plan stands out for its unique designs blending in with the surrounding rainforest and encompasses 4,150 wellness properties combined with first-class wellness amenities, a wellness clinic, lifestyle resorts, beach clubs, restaurants, eco adventure parks, marina`s, airport, doorstep `farm to table` eco farms and a private wild life reserve.

Our master plan is not only designed for tourists (short term stayers) or retirees (long terms stayers), but especially to cater to the fast-growing segment of remote workers (medium term stayers) that are trending the “working from paradise movement” with plenty of co-working spaces and business amenities, like a conference center, innovation and creativity center, blockchain campus and hydro crypto mining farm.


We believe that the world is on a collision course with its own existence. Covid has exposed some overwhelming existential issues around freedom, inequality, our environment, our health, disinformation, democracy and political integrity.

We have lost faith in our ever-increasing “centralized governments”, that have caused massive debasing of our currencies, unnecessary bureaucracy, and are largely controlled by big business, big banks, big money and big special-interest groups, all colluding with each other.

This “bigness” leads to concentration of power and degrades our individual rights and human dignity. After 100+ years of capitalism, our financial system is broke and the uncontrolled money printing increases the risk of hyperinflation with disastrous economic and social consequences. 

We urgently need to “wake up” and rethink the way we live, work and play, to develop new and better societies, based on the principles of: decentralized governance, freedom of finance, self-sustainability, social responsibility and nature conservation.

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AWAKE will complete disrupt the way we govern by implementing a fully decentralized and democratized voting system, organized on the premises of blockchain technology, which improves transparency, accountability, immutability and avoids needless bureaucracy and corruption.

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Freedom of Finance

AWAKE is the world`s first fully empowered blockchain destination that offers freedom of finance with AWACOIN as our “digital currency” and a vehicle for “property tokenization & fractionalization” to provide our residents and investors easy, fast, secure and liquid property transactions and a strong hedge against inflation.

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It is our mission to design and develop communities that are fully self-sustainable and have the ability to “go off-grid” during challenging times, with on-site renewable energy, drinking water, organic food production and our own digital currency.

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Social Responsible

AWAKE will improve the overall quality of life of the local families by providing sufficient high-quality labor. AWAKE is also committed to allocate 10% of its profits to support the local communities by “giving back” through special empowerment, health and education programs.

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A vanguard eco-mobility system in combination with a “once parking” concept, has been designed for “driverless electric cars” and “drones” to lower the costs of infrastructure and minimize the ecological impact.

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Zero-Impact Development Strategy to reduce our ecological footprint by taking care of the four Rs:
  1. Reduction
  2. Repair
  3. Reuse &
  4. Recycling
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Nature Conservation

Conservation of a 1,000-hectare (2,471-acres) Private Wildlife Reserve, that also functions as a “buffer & protection zone” towards the copper and gold deposits of the region, that otherwise could be destroyed by large mining operations.

Our Wellness Properties

Beach Cabins

11 Units | Phase 1 | Q4 2023
55 m2 with a `thatched look and feel` roof, amble bedroom, bathroom and open terrace.

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Ocean View Villas

24 Units | Phase 1 | Q3 2023
218 m2 of living space, with two bedrooms at the ground floor near the entrance, an ample living room with open kitchen and large terrace at the first floor and a distinctively designed rooftop with bbq.

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Biophilic Bungalows

14 Units | Phase 1 | Q4 2023
50 m2 of living space, especially designed to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment in combination with amazing ocean and rainforest views.

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180 Units | Phase 1 | Q4 2023
One to two-bedroom apartments and sizes vary between 64 m2 and 92 m2, with ample wooden terraces.

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75 Units | Phase 1 | Q4 2023
One to three-bedroom penthouses and sizes vary between 93 m2 and 210 m2, with large rooftop terraces.

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Beach Glamping

10 Units | Phase 2 | Q1 2023
10 uniquely designed and beautifully
appointed Beachfront Luxury Tents raised above the dunes overlooking a pristine, white sandy beach & Caribbean Sea.

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Dream Villas

11 Units | Phase 2 | Q3 2024
Dream Villas Type A of 180 m2 of living space, with one bedrooms, an ample living room with open kitchen and large terrace with plunge pool.

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Grand Villas

7 Units | Phase 2 | Q4 2024
225 m2 of living space, with two bedrooms, an ample living room with open kitchen and large terrace with plunge pool, bbq and lounge area.

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Invest now in AWACOIN to acquire AWAKE Properties at special price levels