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The Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean Coast of Panama is like an uncut gem with an abundance of virgin rainforest, national parks, meandering rivers, waterfalls, tropical islands and white sand palm fringed beaches sheltered by impressive rocky ridges and cliffs, overlooking a crystal-clear turquoise Caribbean Sea.

The Caribbean Coast of Panama is part of an extensive area of great biological wealth. It is located in the center buffer zones of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. This area acts as a natural land bridge between South America and North America.

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Recent Access
Until recently this part of the Caribbean coast used to be completely inaccessible by car. Thanks to this lack of access, the imposing rainforest and wildlife of the area have remained untouched. However, since early 2020 a new road from Santa Fè to the Caribbean Coast has opened up the area for eco-tourism development. This new road traverses the AWAKE property over a length of 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles).
With the recent completion of the new road, the driving distance from Santiago to AWAKE is less than 2 hours and from Panama World about 5 hours. With the construction of the new airport in the village of Santa Fè (less than one hour by car from the project), the flying time from to Panama City and the tourism destination Bocas del Toro will be approximately 30 minutes.

About Panama

Panama is a country that has shown remarkable stability and economic progress in recent years mainly due to the emergence of a highly competitive service sector related to the Panama Canal such as the logistics, transport, financial, communications and commerce sectors.

Panama stands out because of…

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