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Escudo de Veraguas

The island of “Escudo de Veraguas” is one of the world’s most pristine and undiscovered islands and is situated 10 miles off the Caribbean coast of Panama. Escudo de Veraguas is Panama’s undiscovered jewel and can be easily accessed in a one-hour boat drive from <span class=”notranslate”> AWAKE </span>. Inhabited only by local Indians, these lush, verdant islands are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, ideal for swimming, photos, diving, snorkeling or relaxation.

Village of Santa Fé

Santa Fé, a lovely rural village in the highlands of Veraguas Province, is just a 45-minute drive from AWAKE . With a population of around 3,200, it truly has a small town feel and charm. With an elevation of around 1,500 feet, is also boasts a near-perfect climate. The village attracts Panamanians seeking relief from the heat of the lowlands and foreigners seeking a slower pace of life in a mountain setting. From horseback riding, hiking, local market, therapeutic massages to coffee tours…there is much to do in Santa Fe.

Santa Fè National Park

Encompassing nearly 180,000 acres, the national park of Santa Fé is just a 45-minute drive from AWAKE . The Park has a large variety of rivers and waterfalls, abundant wild life and stunning views over valleys with lush green cloud forest for rainforest hiking and bird watching. In the park you can spot toucans, mot-mots, tanagers, hummingbirds, hawks, and if you’re very lucky, the elusive resplendent quetzal.
26 World-Class Rainforest Waterfalls

The highlands of Santa Fe offer an amazing landscape blessed by crystal clear rivers and an abundance of breathtaking waterfalls. A total of 26 world-class waterfalls are accessible by a collection of hiking trails through the untouched rainforest of the surrounding national parks. In the town of Santa Fe there are plenty of tour guides to help you exploring the hiking trails, learning about the history, culture and rich natural resources of the area. Of course, this is topped with a dip in the cool, refreshing waters of one of the waterfalls.

Ngäbe Buglè Indian Reserve

Only 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) west of AWAKE is the border with the Ngäbe-Buglé Indian territory, which extends from Chiriquí to Bocas del Toro. This tribe was formerly known as the Guaymi. The lack of connectivity with the rest of the country has well-preserved the local culture and traditions of the Indians. The “Nagua” is the native dress of the Guaymi women. The Ngäbe Buglé are two separate ethni-linguistic groups (The Ngäbe and the Buglé). They are Panama’s most numerous indigenous tribes with a population of about 180,000 Ngäbes and 10,000 Buglés.

Village of Calovébora

Adjacent to AWAKE , at the mouth of the Calovébora River, lies the village of Calovébora. This small coastal community, comprised principally of Indians, is one of the more developed villages in the region. Very recently, the new road from Santa Fé to Calovébora has connected this coastal community with the interior portion of the country.

Calovébora River

Rio Calovébora, as it winds its’ way south into the rugged mountainside, passes through numerous small Indian villages. Complete with schools and basic amenities, the people are very friendly and eager to please. The river can be run with shallow kayaks, and the surrounding hillside is perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts; the single trek path runs alongside this river ´en route´ to Calovébora.


Santiago, a 2-hour drive from AWAKE , is the capital of Veraguas with excellent infrastructure and a large variety of amenities including banking facilities, shopping centers, restaurants and a large number of hotels. Because Santiago is rather a crossroads and a commercial center it continues to grow apace while still retaining a decidedly small-town flavor.

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