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Some of the key items and implementations of
the AWAKE Sustainable Development:

Sustainable Development
The AWAKE communities are designed to be fully self-sufficient by producing their own renewable energy, drinking water and fresh food. Energy will be produced through a central solar power park combined with several micro hydro plants. High quality drinking water is produced by several water springs connected to a bio treatment plant. Food will be produced though a combination of permaculture farming, hydroponics and aeroponics.

Inspired by Indigenous Tribes

The development will be created on the traditions and culture of the local indigenous people and their relationship with the natural and sacred world, combined with an ecosystem where nature and urbanism are intertwined and act as one organism.

Zero Impact
AWAKE is designed on the basis of a zero-impact development strategy to reduce its ecological footprint by taking care of the four Rs: reduction, repair, reuse and recycling.
AWAKE will be powered by renewable energy, will offer ´farm to table´ restaurants and will be commitment to the conservation of a 1000-hectare (2,471-acres) Private Wildlife Sanctuary.

A vanguard transportation system has been designed which requires both residents and visitors to leave vehicles at the edges of the destination and rely uniquely on internal electric and semi-automatic mobility, including autonomous electric golf cars, drones, e-boats, e-bikes and e-scooters, all connected by one single sharing-app.

Buffer Zone against Mining
AWAKE aims to establish international awareness for the importance of nature conservation within the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor of Panama, thereby assuring that the development will function as a buffer & protection zone towards the copper and gold deposits of the region, that otherwise could be destroyed by large mining operations.

In other parts of the Biological Corridor of Panama several open-mining developments clearly demonstrated devasting environmental consequences for this already fragile ecosystem. Especially with the new road in place, the mining pressure and threats in the region have become more imperative than ever before.

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People, Planet & Prosperity
In order to deem a community ‘sustainable,’ we also aim to achieve perfect symbiosis of the 3 P`s of “People, Planet and Prosperity”:


Equitable distribution of incentives and benefits for our employees and local communities;


Protection of the natural surroundings through biodiversity conservation and operating practices;


Development of sustainable and innovative projects that provide our partners, investors and home owners’ a wide range of personal and financial opportunities and incentives.
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AWAKE Eco Wellness Living is located in a rural coastal area that is partly dominateda by poverty and a lack of quality health care, education and basic infrastructure. An important element of our mission is to support the people that live in local communities surrounding the development, like Calovébora, Guàzaro, Rio Luis and the villages within the Ngäbe-Buglé Indian territory.
The AWAKE development will improve the overall quality of life of the local families by providing sufficient labor with above average salaries and favorable labor conditions. On top of that AWAKE will allocate 10% of its profits to support the local communities by “giving back” through special empowerment, health and education programs.
Empowerment programs
  • Improve quality of living with better energy, water and food production
  • Blockchain Micro financing for local entrepreneurs
  • Make the unbankable bankable
  • Odontology clinic for local families
  • Development of improved health center
  • Small clinic for hospitalization
  • Eco tourism education for children and adults
  • Free Hotel School for capacitation of local labor
  • School trips for children at local schools in Veraguas to the project

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