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AWAKE Wellness Communities support an active and healthy lifestyle &
are designed on the basis of wellness principles and ideas.

Wellness Communities

Landscaping, Conservation and Outdoor Recreation
AWAKE includes 40+ km of hiking, biking and walking trails through virgin rainforest along the Caribbean Coast, organic orchards and gardens, parks and organic farms, passive open spaces, outdoor fitness equipment, relaxation areas, children’s play areas, and a natural open space conservation area, among others.
Healthy Food
AWAKE encourages healthy eating habits by providing easy access to fresh and healthy foods through community-sponsored agriculture (CSAs), doorstep `farm to table`, community gardens, urban farms, and farmer’s markets.
Active Lifestyle

Movement is the default option throughout infrastructure and neighborhood design that makes walking and biking more pleasant and more convenient (e.g., attractive sidewalks, street trees, benches, bikes lanes/parking). Inside buildings, attractive and well-located stairways steer people away from elevators.

Importance of Nature
AWAKE takes advantage of nature’s power to improve mental and psychological wellbeing through biophilic design and ample access to green/open space and the surrounding rain forest with rivers and waterfalls. These features boost our cognitive abilities and moods; promote healing; and reduce stress, aggression and negative feelings.
Biophilic Design Standards
AWAKE will be a Contemporary Biophilic development composed of botanical gardens, public parks, private gardens, all surrounded by virgin rainforest that is home to an abundance of birds and wildlife like monkeys, toucans, macaws, iguanas and sloths.

Biophilic designs also incorporate nature into the buildings, in order to increase the sense of connectedness to the natural environment. This can be achieved with internal or external vegetation walls, green rooftops, mimic natural forms and patterns, and the presence of water features.

Water is the central theme within AWAKE Eco Wellness Living. Hence, all of the residencies within the AWAKE master plan have been especially designed to provide unique water experiences with superb views over the Caribbean Sea, the Candelaria River, the Marina`s and fresh water Swimming Pools and Canals.

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